the Garbell Portable Typewriter

Uncle Max Garbell designed and manufactured these sleek portables:
5 1/2 pounds, carriage gear driven, rocker bearing, double ball bearing races.
Model #3 shown above

The first non-folding portable typewriter

Garbell Portable features
Garbell Portable overview
Garbell Portable front
Garbell Portable side

The Garbell Typewriter Co., Inc.
1812 Ellen Street
, Chicago, Illinois
Factory rear view, circa 1919
More Garbell Typewriter Company factory
& product photos

Another view of Model #3, 1920

shiny Model #3
Lee Garbell & his #3

The Garbell Portable Model #1

The Garbell Portable #1 brochure
Adding Machine: design sold to Royal
Toy Gun, 1931
Scale, 1937


Patent papers & photos courtesy of Lee Garbell
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